Dana Chen at DCVD MediaHey there! I’m Dana Chen, the owner of DCVD Media.

If you are a small business located outside of China but seeing a steady growth in the number of Chinese customers coming through the door, have you ever wondered:

  • How can I better understand Chinese customers ?
  • How can I better position my business to existing and potential Chinese customers?
  • How can I reach more Chinese customers effectively?
  • How can I make my business better known in China without relying 100% on my local partner/agency?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

How I Can Help You Attract More Chinese Customers.

Here’s the thing:

Marketing is hard, time-consuming, and there’s rarely any guarantee of success.

Marketing to a new group of customers, no matter how fast-growing or lucrative, is difficult when you are not based locally, don’t speak the language, nor understand the culture. Without a roadmap, how do you take this EXTRA activity on while running your existing business, and maybe even have a life?

I believe reaching more Chinese customers is possible for business of any size. To do so, you MUST become knowledgeable about the Chinese web, so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Instead of digging through hundreds of articles, wildly confusing infographics, vague advice targeted at multi-national conglomerates, and strategies by so-called “experts” …

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And I promise to cut the fluff and get right down to what works, so you can start doing it for your business.

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About Dana Chen

Dana Chen at DCVD MediaDana Chen has worked in digital media for the last six years, advising businesses ranging from online start-ups to multi-nationals around online branding, communications and marketing.

After several successful tenures building up digital presence for businesses such as PeerIndex (an Europas award-winning London-based Series A start-up), and pioneering the global social media program at one of the largest global insurers based in the Netherlands, she is refocusing on an area where she is the most passionate about: helping businesses understand the Chinese digital space.

Leveraging her understanding of the Chinese culture, language, and digital space, she will teach you tactics and strategies that help your business gain a solid foothold in the Chinese online space.

If you want to learn more about the tactics and strategies that are simple to implement, and more importantly, WORK, sign up here!