Author of The New Chinese Traveller Gary Bowerman talks about opportunities in the global travel industry

Gary Bowerman on his book The New Chinese TravellersI’m thrilled to have spoken with Gary Bowerman, author of the new book The New Chinese Traveller.

It’s no secret that outbound Chinese tourists are quickly changing the global travel industry, and businesses from hospitality, to retail, to the tourism sectors are all trying to keep up with the rapid changes associated with welcoming this new demographic. Gary’s book covers the development of the Chinese tourism industry over the past decade, and where the opportunities lie in the coming years.

During this interview, Gary and I talked about:

  • The biggest misconceptions people have around Chinese tourists
  • Different types of Chinese tourists and what businesses can do to cater to them
  • What hoteliers and the hospitality industry can do to distinguish themselves in a crowded market
  • How tourist attractions can maintain its exclusivity and still grow its business with Chinese travellers at the same time
  • Where the opportunities lie for businesses in the coming years
  • How businesses can connect with Chinese travellers directly, and what they should watch out for

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