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getting started on chinese web

Rise of the Chinese customer and what it means for a small business owner

How do you know if your business can benefit from the Chinese online space?

What’s different with the Chinese social space?

What experts get wrong about Chinese social

Three things you have to know about the Chinese social web Why WeChat needs your attention, now

How to get started on Chinese social media, without knowing Chinese

hands on guide to chinese internet

How to use Weibo on the desktop

How to use Weibo on the mobile

How to use WeChat on mobile

How to decipher the numbers behind Weibo

What B2B marketers often get wrong about online marketing

Where to find your customers on the Chinese web (other than the obvious platforms)

How to find key opinion leaders on Weibo

How to find fans on Weibo

case studies chinese web

Two food businesses that found success on Chinese social media

Learn from the expensive mistakes these companies made on Weibo

How most western brands have ignored Gaokao, one of the most important events for Chinese families

Examples of two businesses that makes the Chinese online space work for them

Western schools on Weibo, who’s doing well, and who isn’t

Getting started on the chinese web

Why the Chinese social web is relevant for every business

WeChat is a big deal, and here’s why, again

Why western businesses typically fail on the Chinese web

How to win on the Chinese web without doing anything

Why Weibo is still relevant

Why the Chinese buy (more) online

What shifting Internet behaviour from Chinese netizens mean for your business

Dealing with crisis on Chinese social media

Expert Interviews

Jacco Bouw: Founder of the largest email newsletter provider in China WebPower

Michael Zakkour: Author of China’s Super Consumers: What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it to Them

Cyril Drouin: Founder and CEO of Bysoft China

Derek Capo: Founder and CEO of Nextstep China

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