Vennie So from search agency The Egg talks about Chinese search

Vennie So from the Egg company

I’m so happy to finally put up this interview, because it’s been weeks in the making!

The first time Vennie and I chatted, our connection kept cutting in and out (not atypical while online in China). Finally this week, Vennie and I were able to chat again via Skype while she was working from her Hong Kong office!

Vennie So is the Head of Search for Shanghai-based digital agency that specializes in search engine optimization in Asia. Her agency works with a lot of larger corporate businesses in optimizing their SEO, running their search and content marketing campaigns. And I really appreciated her insider’s views on how SEO, SEM, and content marketing all work together in the Chinese online space.

During this interview, Vennie and I talked about:

  • How SEO and SEM is different in China versus the west
  • How Baidu always “feeds itself” first, and what this means for businesses advertising on its platform
  • How to design your SEO/SEM activities on Baidu depending on the type of business you have
  • Examples of businesses that do well on search, and those that do well with search campaigns
  • What agencies think about you – the client, and steps a business can take to make sure you find the right agency to work with

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